natural ingredients

instead of chemicals

The cosmetics available in stores and drugstores are mostly full of unnecessary additives and chemical ingredients, the use of which would not be justified: they do not contribute to the promised effect, they only improve the texture or shelf life, they make the product more attractive. In my trainings, we only work with raw materials, each of which has a function in the product in terms of effect and is approved by official certification institutes as a natural ingredient.


In recent years, naturalness has also gained ground in the field of the body and facial care. That is why cosmetics companies have also had to open up in this direction: they are offering more and more alternatives made up of natural or organic ingredients. The packaging of the products also follows the trends well: the former products radiating purity and quality have been replaced by the green, plant-decorated product designs in environmentally friendly packaging.

Unfortunately, however, the list of raw materials still includes ingredients that would not necessarily be needed or have a harmful effect on our skin. They still contain synthetic fragrances and additives, which give us a creamier, more foamy texture, making them more attractive to customers. And their conscience reassures as they buy natural and environmentally conscious products to the best of their knowledge.

why is it better

if you make it for yourself?

You know
what it's made of

Even when cooking, you only put in what you see as good: without unnecessary fragrances, bulking agents, conditioners, and a plethora of preservatives. You will be 100% familiar with the ingredients and you can decide for yourself whether you need them.


Although it requires some investment, it will pay off many times over in the long run if you make the cosmetics for yourself and your family. For example, you can produce a premium quality face cream for a fraction of the pharmacy price. You can also buy the ingredients in larger quantities for multiple uses.


Is your face oily or dry? Are you struggling with acne or blackheads? You will find a natural solution to every problem, and your cosmetics are guaranteed to cause no more problems.

YOU CAN ALSO GIVE it as a present

You can surprise your loved ones, family members, and friends with cosmetics made by you, even in your own hand-decorated packaging. It can be a great gift for anyone and at the same time take care of their health and the environment.

interested in which materials

you should avoid?

Download my list of harmful or avoidable ingredients for free and make sure you use the right cosmetics.

you want to know more

on the topic?

Read my useful posts or complete my trainings, which will help you to make your own cosmeticssss.